buying a home

Home buying is an exciting but sometimes complex process. Learn the many ways a REALTOR® can help you succeed with the most important purchase of your life.

Visit a Mortgage Broker or a financial institution find out exactly where you stand.

Get prepared before you start your search. This way you don’t waste your time finding the perfect home only to be find out financially you are not quite ready. If you qualify for a mortgage, buying a home might be a logical next step. If not, you should first spend some time propping up up your finances. Qualifying for financing is a vital part of the home-buying process. So if you have some work to do in this area, renting may be a good alternative.

Make a list of what is very important down to what would be a nice bonus find in a home for you. Most homes do not have everything so knowing what is ultra important makes the search a little less difficult. If you are a part of a couple it would be best if both of you sat down together to get a good idea of what is important for everyone involved. Make sure you communicate this to your REALTOR® as that will help them to direct you to the houses that will be better suited to your needs.

Give yourself plenty of time this is one purchase you do NOT want to rush into. It takes time for the financial institutions, land titles and lawyers to do their parts.